Note: We didn't manage to get enough finished in time for this to be considered anything  even close to a game. But still, here's what we have to show for our hard work of 48 hours! Learned a lot, met cool new people, so in the end it was worth it.

Here's how it was supposed to work:
You are a fish. A fish that's in love! But the fish you love doesn't love you back! To win their heart you must mutate yourself and change your looks to match theirs to become an ideal mate!

Swim around and eat other fish to mutate yourself and gain an attribute! Only after eating 3 fish in a row that share the same attribute will you then mutate and gain that attribute. Once you're a perfect match for your mate, swim over to them for a big fishy kiss!


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Graphics are hilarious and the swimming was smooth, enjoyed the colors but would have enjoyed more than just swimming.


it a nice game and has a funny vibe to it but it kinda glitchy however it pretty good and I played this like 24 hours