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I'm little teapot
Short and stout
I'm trapped in your nightmare
I want to get out.

We have to meet your fears
Avoid some and face the others
Find the illuminations
That reveal what darkness covers.

Then face the monster inside your head
I'm your little teapot
Your friend no doubt
Trapped in your head
Fighting to get out.

Shadow's Cure is a fantastical psychedelic journey of the mind. You play as the embodiment of the soul and psyche that has ascended beyond our mortal plane, physically represented as a simple inanimate object: a teapot! Your soul however has taken on a darkness, burdened by fear. You must navigate your way through this mental prison, avoiding the manifestations of fear, cleansing yourself in areas of light. Only once you have rid yourself of this darkness will you be able to confront fear itself and reach a higher plane of existence.

Controls: WASD to move

All assets were created for the jam, during the jam. It was a lot of work and a labor of love! We hope you enjoy it.


Shadow's Cure.zip 56 MB
Shadow's Cure 1.0.1.zip 56 MB

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Stunning visuals and atmosphere. Thank you for sharing a very expressive work.

Also could  not figure out how to defeat the "monster inside my head"